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Typewriter Gal

Replying to blog postings is your chance to become involved in a conversation or to just leave a comment.  And it’s easy to do.  Here are simple instructions to leave a reply on this blog:

1.  Click the title of the blog posting.  That will open the posting in a new window.  Looking at the posting this way will give you:
     a.  The original blog message
     b.  Any comments that have been left for this message
     c.  A “Reply” box for you to write your comments

2.  Type your comments in the Reply box, then enter your name (or a screen name – this gets posted on the blog), your email address (this does NOT get posted on the site), and a link to your website if you have one.

3.  Click the Submit button.  You’re published on a blog!


  1. Hi, Jeff:

    Bob and I are enjoying some wines…we don’t do a lot, but we wanted to know if there are any books that show pairings with good cheeses. Do you know of any that would give us that info?

    Glad to get all your websites…its fun to stay in touch.
    Mary Don


  2. JPD – Am enjoying this site and have shared it with a few of my wino friends. I have some California chardo pals that have visited and taken a liking to the dry NY rieslings. Would be interested in your review of some of them. But I guess you would have to come to upstate and partake. Hint. Hint. I continue to offer Chateau Magee, anytime. – sbm


  3. Hey Jeff,

    Saw this article mentioned in an Ohio State newsletter and thought you might find it interesting:


    Since a 2003 Virginia court case and the 2005 Supreme Court upholding of it, states can no longer erect trade barriers to interstate shipping of wine (alcohol). The states are starting to change their laws and the effect is bringing down the prices of wines and increasing the availability of wines from other states.

    And the researchers basically had to go wine shopping for their results – sounds like a good area of research to be in… 🙂



  4. Hey Jeff, this is great! And freak me out, you used the same wine illustration I used for the Red Wine and Jesus program I mentioned. Remind me to show you the materials.

    Your (new) friend


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