2008 Total Depravity Riesling

Total Depravity Riesling 2008

2008 Total Depravity Riesling
Produced and Cellared in Solon, OH – fruit sourced from Washington

Rating: too biased to rate, but it ought to be at least a 90

Uncorked: 2009.07.06
Wine Ministry – CTS DMin Wine Tastings
Monday, Wine No. 1

I thought we should start the tastings with something a bit unique… something that’s boutique, difficult to find. So I opened a bottle of Total Depravity Riesling – a wine I made. It was bottled just this past weekend just for this occasion.

There is truly no way for me to offer an objective review of this wine, but it’s pretty darn good! It’s fairly typical of a Washington Riesling, which isn’t so bad. It is off-dry and best served chilled, though the aromas and flavors become more pronounced as it warms up a bit. Slightly floral with a nose full of ripe pear and citrus. Not much minerality. In the mouth it is more soft than crisp, again consistent with the Washington source of the fruit. Lush apples, pears, and apricot flavors with hints of sweet grapefruit. It finishes with a nice acidic bump to leave the mouth with a soft yet balanced finish. A bit sweet, but it was made for my mother-in-law, so what can I say? It’s easy to drink on a warm summer afternoon!

$priceless available only from the winemaker

2006 W. B. Bridgman Cellars Viognier Yakima Valley

2006 W. B. Bridgman Cellars Viognier Yakima Valley
Washington, Columbia Valley, Yakima Valley

Wine Rating: 87

Uncorked: 2008.07.05
Wine Ministry – CTS DMin Happy Hour
Week 1, Saturday, Wine No. 1
Shared by Lisa R.

Crisp aromas and flavors made this a nice wine to begin our tasting this evening. The nose has nice peach and apricot with floral and mineral overtones. More peach, flowers, and wet stone flavors in the mouth. Crisp acidity along with the typical Viognier flavors give this wine some good interest. More popular among the women in the tasting group, it is a nice wine to serve slightly chilled on a warm summer afternoon with fruit and light cheese.

$12.99 widely available

2005 Columbia Crest Cabernet Sauvignon H3

2005 Columbia Crest Cabernet Sauvignon H3
Washington, Columbia Valley, Horse Heaven Hills

Wine Rating: 89

Uncorked: 2008.07.02
Wine Ministry – CTS DMin Happy Hour
Week 1, Wednesday, Wine No. 1

This is such an approachable Cabernet. It’s simple and well made. The color is a dark ruby color. Aromas of blueberries and black fruit, spicebox and vanilla, followed by a bit of dusty herbs. It is medium bodied and barely dry in the mouth with a full spectrum of flavors: dark berries, blueberries, plum, herbs, cocoa, and some gentle earthiness. Tannins were firm. Oak emerged on the medium finish. Nice wine, decent value. Could live in the bottle for another 5-7 years.

$19.99 widely available

2004 Snoqualmie Vineyards Riesling Naked


2004 Snoqualmie Vineyards Riesling Naked
USA, Washington, Columbia Valley

Wine Rating:  87

Uncorked: 2007.09.02   Served with grilled chicken, veggies

I’ve had this wine a few times before, and I am surprised that I like it as well as I do. It’s not extraordinarily complex, it’s just a simple, fruity, tasty wine for a warm afternoon on the deck. “Made with organically grown grapes” is emblazened on the label. Most of the “organic” wines I’ve had (what exactly IS “organic” wine?) are less than memorable. This one, however, remains on my “that’s a decent wine” list. So it came out from the cellar tonight to accompany the grilled chicken and veggies for dinner on the back deck.

The nose is fragrant but somewhat flat — mostly mango and soft lemon. It’s flavors are right up front in the mouth, though. While not a sweet wine, it’s on the sweet-fruit side of Riesling. Citrus continues in the flavors along with the mango hints. A little bit of wildflower hints mixed in. It’s got a soft mouth feel, though ends with a citrus zest tartness that is quite pleasing. While it’s not a typical Riesling, it’s a very pleasant drinking wine.

$9.99  Cost Plus World Market