About WineMinistry


I love wine.  For me, wine is ministry.  It facilitates relationships.  It’s about enjoying taste and smell, the feel of the wine in the mouth, and most of all the community of friends that gather around a good bottle.  It’s a God-thing.  This blog is a place for fellow wine ministers (and those who need ministering) to share good wines and the stories that accompany them.  Cheers!


  1. How cool! I live in Calistoga CA and moved in next door to a wine maker (Vince Toffanelli…http://www.tofanelliwine.com/TofanelliWine/Welcome.html) and all the folks around, well, let’s just say wine flows. So, you’re at CTS and making your own? That’s fantastic! Don’t let the spouses comments on the crush and fermenting smells get you down…just the price of God’s magic elixir!

    Blessings, David


  2. Hi,

    I thought you might be interested in adding a link to zoomvino on your blog.

    zoomvino is a new internet communication platform connecting winemakers with wine buyers worldwide, listing more than 50 countries, 250 regions and 1700 geographical dénominations (appellations).

    The platform already lists most commercially active wineries selling in bottle, and their number never stop growing up. You can also find on the platforma unique guide to the world‘s wines, zoomvino Buzz, for those buying wines directly from wineries or planning a wine holiday.

    Here is a link to zoomvino: http://www.zoomvino.com/

    Best regards, Lino.


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