2009 Tercero Gewürztraminer “The Outlier”

2009 Tercero Gewürztraminer “The Outlier”
USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Barbara County

Wine Rating: 92

Uncorked: 2010.08.27 Just sipping on the front porch
The Outlier has become one of my favorite summer wines. It is the perfect choice for easy sipping on the back deck or for pairing with a fresh salad or cheese tray. Aromatic on the nose, bountiful in the mouth. Perfectly dry with an amazing amount of ripe fruit flavors — a magical feat of extracting all of the flavors of the grape and leaving nearly no sweetness. Stone fruit, citrus, and pear with lots of minerality. Nothing but enjoyment in this bottle of wine.

$20.00 Tercero Wines

Tercero Wines Website


  1. Thanks for the review of our 2009 The Outlier. This is only our second go-around with Gewurztraminer, and we took a slightly different path with this one compared to our fist one. The 09 has a bit more residual sugar in it, giving it a bit more body than the 08, but also making it a better match for the spicy foods it was created to pair with.

    If a wine is too dry, it won’t ‘soften the blow’ of spicy Thai, Indian, Sushi and other foods that we really enjoy eating. Our 08 was beautiful on its own, but we found it a bit too dry with these spicy foods.

    In addition, we added a barrel that we had intended to create an ‘off dry Gewurztraminer’ with, but that eventually went dry despite our efforts (-: This barrel was fermented in neutral oak and then transferred to a one year old oak barrel to give it a bit more ‘umph’. Instead of this being a stand alone barrel, it worked to add more midpalate richness to The Outlier.

    Thanks again – and we hope others enjoy it as much as you did (-:



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