2005 Tardieu-Laurent Côtes du Rhône Villages Les Becs Fins

2005 Tardieu-Laurent Côtes du Rhône Villages Les Becs Fins
France, Rhone, Southern Rhone, Cotes du Rhone Villages

Wine Rating:  90

Uncorked: 2008.01.08 – CTS DMin NYC Wine Ministry

This bottle was a pleasant surprise! Fresh cherry and tart raspberry in the nose along with plenty of cedar and earthiness. Subtle oakiness. In the mouth it is what a Cote du Rhone ought to be… a nice balance of dark, ripe fruit followed by spice, oak, and rich earthiness. Beautifully round tannins make for a long, balanced finish. This is an excellent wine at a bargain price.

Excellent value.

$14.99  Winfield-Flynn Wines NYC


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