Words on Wine

There are lots of words about wine on the web.  I’m doing my part to add to those missives, though I have to hope that I am adding QUALITY, not just quantity.  There are words reflecting on wine, wine culture, wine production, wine sales, and of course on wines themselves.  Lots of words.

I’m beginning the process of building my collection of links to other wine blogs.  Check out some of the blogs that I’m reading — they’re over there on the right side.  Just don’t decide that you like one of those better than WineMinistry.com!!!  Actually, a couple of things I like about the wine community:

— There are some great writers in the blogosphere, and I love it when people from different walks of life and different perspectives offer their thoughts to the world.

— There are lots of different opinions, and by exposing ourselves to those opinions we gain something (even when we don’t agree).

— There is generally an openness in people who are passionate about wine, and that is refreshing in a culture when we get divided too easily into left-right, either-or, red-white…

— I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that there is some good reading to be had.  Let me know if you’ve got some favorites that aren’t listed here.  I haven’t put all of my favorites up yet, and I am always looking for more…

Enjoy the reading.  Enjoy the community!


  1. Hi there. Thanks for the mention on your blogroll! We don’t have a traditional blogroll (otherwise you’d be on it) but we’ll figure out a way to point people here as you have an interesting point of view that our readers would benefit from!




  2. I am not sure what happened as I was sure I left my comment here yesterday but I must have failed to submit it.

    I like your approach to wine, which chimes with mine too (although I eschew tasting notes on my own blog) at The Wine Conversation. You might also consider joining a growing band of wine bloggers on facebook (if you are on there) at:

    There is a lot to discuss about wine, and blogging about wine.


  3. Hi Robert,
    Sorry about your first message that didn’t post — it was caught in the spam filter (because of the links, I am guessing). I recovered it though, and it’s here (obviously). Thanks for your comments — I checked out The Wine Conversation — excellent! I’ll be reading regularly, I’m sure.


  4. And Jill, here’s a shout-out to you. I’ve loved reading domaine547, and commend it to other winos! I appreciate your comment here, and I’ll write some comments on your site soon…


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