2004 Snoqualmie Vineyards Riesling Naked


2004 Snoqualmie Vineyards Riesling Naked
USA, Washington, Columbia Valley

Wine Rating:  87

Uncorked: 2007.09.02   Served with grilled chicken, veggies

I’ve had this wine a few times before, and I am surprised that I like it as well as I do. It’s not extraordinarily complex, it’s just a simple, fruity, tasty wine for a warm afternoon on the deck. “Made with organically grown grapes” is emblazened on the label. Most of the “organic” wines I’ve had (what exactly IS “organic” wine?) are less than memorable. This one, however, remains on my “that’s a decent wine” list. So it came out from the cellar tonight to accompany the grilled chicken and veggies for dinner on the back deck.

The nose is fragrant but somewhat flat — mostly mango and soft lemon. It’s flavors are right up front in the mouth, though. While not a sweet wine, it’s on the sweet-fruit side of Riesling. Citrus continues in the flavors along with the mango hints. A little bit of wildflower hints mixed in. It’s got a soft mouth feel, though ends with a citrus zest tartness that is quite pleasing. While it’s not a typical Riesling, it’s a very pleasant drinking wine.

$9.99  Cost Plus World Market

One Comment

  1. Organic wine is made from organic grapes, and its production must conform to organic standards with no “inorganic” additives like tartaric acid, sulfites, certain fining agents, etc…

    Because of the lack of sulfites as a preservative, they can sometimes go bad, but also sometimes they can be astounding. my favorite (and i’m something of a partisan) is Coturri.


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