How to Reply and Enter the Conversation

Typewriter Gal

Replying to blog postings is your chance to become involved in a conversation or to just leave a comment.  And it’s easy to do.  Here are simple instructions to leave a reply on this blog:

1.  Click the title of the blog posting.  That will open the posting in a new window.  Looking at the posting this way will give you:
     a.  The original blog message
     b.  Any comments that have been left for this message
     c.  A “Reply” box for you to write your comments

2.  Type your comments in the Reply box, then enter your name (or a screen name – this gets posted on the blog), your email address (this does NOT get posted on the site), and a link to your website if you have one.

3.  Click the Submit button.  You’re published on a blog!


One Comment

  1. Hey Jeff,
    Nice to hear from you. We are all sweltering down here in the ATL, the umpteenth straight day of 90+ temps. We were all looking forward to seeing you and Kerri again during our PHPC Choir trip next year, but not enough singers signed up, so it’s a no go. Our darn cat is trying to lounge on the keyboard (darn, she just knocked the lamp over, now she wants to bed down in the printer tray).
    I am back in job hunting market, after 8 years as a software support developer. Life at home takes some getting used to. I am looking into some free courses paid by Uncle Sam for Oracle DB Administration. We’ll see where that goes.
    The only quality red I have experience is a Cote du Rhone – Gigondas. When I was studying in France, we (a french student outdoor club I belonged to) visited the vineyards and sampled and bought some bottles of red. The wine is pretty stiff, flinty and strong (I think 14.5%). One can find it here in the States, but bottles run about $35.
    We wish you and Kerri and Caitlin all the best. Peace to you.
    Tom Stricker


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