“Special Occasion” Wines

Most of us have a least one or two of these bottles laying in our wine stash — those bottles that we are saving for a “special occasion.”  I’ve got at least 200 bottles in the cellar that fall into this category.  We’re holding onto the wine for a dinner that is just special enough to bring out the “good wine.”  Or maybe it’s a dinner with just the right friends who will appreciate the wine, or a “power dinner” with the clients or boss who will be duly impressed.

 Lady & Tramp     Business Dinner

Or it might be that we’re just so fond of collecting wine that we’re not wanting to part with the precious objects of our compulsion.  The wine racks look so nice filled with these expensive bottles of wine!

But the point is that with this kind of wine, we often find ourselves waiting to drink it.  Many of us have had the sad experience of waiting too long, only to open the wine to find it past its prime, or worse yet to discover that it is now rancid vinegar.

I was talking to friends at church this morning who just got a shipment of fine California wine, sent to them from the vineyard following a recent visit on their vacation.  I joked with them about whether or not they would be able to ever drink the wine, or if they’d be saving it for “special occasions.”  She mused that it would be difficult — that every bottle has memories attached to it.  Her husband, Ed, had the perfect line, though…

“The act of opening the bottle of wine is, itself, a special occasion.”

Amen, brother!

So here I sit on a rainy NE Ohio afternoon writing on my blog.  My wife and daughter are napping.  It’s a quiet afternoon.  Nothing special.  But I’ll tell you a secret.  I opened a 2002 Gainey Vineyard Merlot Limited Selection.  It’s a special occasion!

Here’s my invitation, dear readers.  Today is a gift.  Celebrate that gift with a “special occasion” bottle of wine!  Cheers!

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