2004 Domaine la Garrigue Côtes du Rhône

la Garrigue 2004 cdr

2004 Domaine La Garrigue Côtes du Rhône Cuvée Romaine – France, Rhône, Southern Rhône, Côtes du Rhône

Wine Rating:  91     wine advocate 90

2007.06.30 – Dinner at home with friends
Decanted for 30 minutes. Really helped. First sips were wonderful. The nose was even more intense with berries and spiciness. Cherry, dark berries, plum, and spicy herbal flavors made for lots of layers in the mouth. Balance throughout was very nice. Loved the finish with earth, mushroom, and vines. Went very well with the grilled Kenai salmon’s bold flavors.

2007.06.20 – CTS DMin Happy Hour
A little tight right out of the bottle, opened well after 30 minutes or so. Generous nose with dark berries, bell pepper and leather. Definitely an old-world style CDR with initial fruit and licorace in the mouth, followed by a long taste of the earth and vines. Plenty to chew on in this mouthful of flavors. Very round and supple. Definitely one of my favorite CDRs.

 $14.99  Sherlocks Wine Merchant, Atlanta, GA

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